Campustown Square

Proposal to Create Northwest Square

I have submitted a proposal to block off the area I mentioned in my most recent post; this area does not require access for parking and will provide plenty or more access for loading and unloading and accessing utilities, and I confirmed with the traffic engineer that this area will not block traffic. One business, The District, is heavily behind it. The other affected businesses will all benefit. Win-win.

My proposal is to have the area carved out and given to a nonprofit organization that will be run strictly by the surrounding community, in an open and consensus-based process, and the area will be laid out in a process rather than a plan. As I say in the proposal – the best way to take ownership in something is to own it. That’s what democracy looks like.

Read the proposal by clicking the image below. I have run it by all the necessary staff at the City. This will be put on the City Council’s agenda in the coming weeks, and I am sending it to council people and getting the word out. Please drop me a note at email me at the address below or discuss this on the facebook page if you would like to support this project. It’s always helpful to have people behind anything, by showing support online and in media outlets, and by showing up at the city council meeting and speaking in its favor.

– Nitin



To open proposal, click the following image: