Campustown Square

Making the first of many squares

Note: Just launched the website (finally… whew). I am still working on the updates page with a “subscribe” option. In the meantime, to subscribe to updates go to the subscription page.

Now that this project is “official”, the next steps are to spread the word, and to try and hold an event. My aim is to start by getting Mickey’s, Charlie Yoke’s, Beaudelaire and Mr. Burrito to be interested a square being set up in the area pictured below. It is city property, and it can probably be made to work without blocking parking traffic, or access for loading. One basic idea would be to do a street painting, and put in short barrier or fence on one side that makes it feel separated. Perhaps things can be added like a fence and a stage that can be rolled out as needed. Eventually murals can be added as well – a good place would of course be the Copyworks building (if the owner agrees of course). It would be a great area for people from Mickey’s to come down from their porch, and would be great for seating for Beaudelaire and Mr. Burrito. Charlie Yoke’s could also add a staircase that people could go in and out of. It would be fantastic to hold a few events in the Spring where we paint the street, and then have a DJ play at Charlie Yoke’s, which would be seen from outside with their big floor-to-ceiling windows.


The area that can be turned into a small square. See within the red dotted line. Click to open full size image in new tab.


The area in 3D. See dotted red outline. Click to open full size image in new tab.


The whole area with the square in the corner. Click to open full size image in new tab.


As for mural ideas – many of the following would be amazing (and seriously, look at these, they will blow your mind):
Perhaps a 3D image like below would be great, with a “tunnel” to a scene of campus. We could raise money to commission a painting, perhaps by an ISU student. This would have to be done well though and fit into the context. It could also be done horribly if someone just puts something up that might look good in a museum. It should draw people in while still allowing them to feel like the space is intimate and inviting.
For painting the ground – I’ve heard that for street art, people have taken sponges, stuck them to the end of a stick perpendicularly, and dabbed it on the ground to paint “bricks”. I’ve seen bricks painted, and they look real until you look closely or walk on them. Would be a fast and easy way to make a small square without having to put in longer term effort and investment, which would come later. Perhaps the walls could be painted with “bricks” as well, and the mural could be painted over later.



a tunnel in a wall


– Nitin Gadia